There is an ART to living a Passionate Life

What makes your life absolutely wonderful?
I believe it all starts with the little things. No matter how BIG your life gets around you... its the pleasures of day to day, moment by moment living that really sets you up to have an amazing experience of living. There is an art to this, ya know.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'm IN

Good Morning beautiful people ! shall we rock this day? I'm IN. like diving in... jump off the high board, touch the bottom and then swim like LOVE for the big breath at the edge of the water, kinda IN ♥

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Right next to that GORGEOUS-Ness is a MESS!!

tell me if you know what i am talking about !?!?

I love to create GORGEOUS-ness.
for me it's often just how i :
*arrange a set of plates on a table, or
*how I tie a scarf around my neck. 
*maybe I make gorgeousness one day just moving some furniture around and setting up a room like the picture from a magazine....

the point IS -->>  very few and far between are the moments when every single thing in my Line of Sight is GORGEOUS.

(sure it happens from time to time, when every little thing is in place and Poised in Pseudo Perfection!)

But more often than Not.... the Gorgeous-ness is catty corner to a pile of un-done laundry or a wall that I'm only half way thru painting.  usually a delicious meal on the table is diagonal in the room to a pile of dishes and kitchen merry making. 

this is life !
and really, it's all beautiful.  it's all Gorgeous even when it's GORGEOUS-mess!
we can all practice enjoying the Gorgeous-ness & Mess together.

we don't have to wait for one of those moments when its all just right.  we can enjoy it ALL right now.

Monday, March 19, 2012

People make it Worthwhile

What's the point of lovingly prepared spaces, meals, and parties.....  in the end its all about Celebrating the Moment -   with People ! 

We share cups of tea with people we love.
We clink glasses together in a toast with people who make us smile.
We paint rooms we will sit in with people who will laugh with us all evening long.

It's all about the People!

The Fine Art of Living Your Life is the art of creating a beautiful life that delights all your senses.    It's about enjoying the process creating the moment.   It's about enjoying the moment you create! 
If you sit alone and enjoy the moment you create, you are the person who makes it worthwhile.
If you sit with others and enjoy the moment together, then you are sharing the moment with the people who make it worthwhile.

Enjoy the Moment and the People

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Keep it Simple with Spring Flowers you find outside

Keep it simple.  you can just pick a few tiny flowers and put them in a tiny jar.
This is an old par fume bottle that sits on my dresser.   These are tiny flowers I found growing in the grass.
It doesn't take much to bring a little pleasure to your life.

Friday, September 3, 2010

I am fully capable of creating a life I love living.

There is an ART to creating your life in a way that allows you to enjoy living.
Have you committed  to the process. 

Sign up for your life.   Get involved with the details that are shaping your everyday experience.

It is my hope that our programs will assist you in the process.   And let's have some fun with it!